Sandra Kennedy - Faith's Launching Pad

Faith’s Launching Pad

It takes faith to do what you can’t see in the natural. Faith is a spiritual issue, which means that what God says can be reached through faith. The spiritual part of being human should reach out and take what God has already done. Listen as Dr. Sandra Kennedy discusses Abraham’s unwavering belief.

Derek Prince - From Curse to Blessings

How to Pass From Curse to Blessings

Is there any hidden sin in your life, even ones that you may not be aware? Perhaps that is the reason your prayers are not being answered. Check out Derek Prince’s teaching on generational curses and how to break free.

Mel Bond - The Peace of God

Peace of God

Cast out fear and let the Peace of God embrace you with this teaching from Mel Bond. The battleground is in the mind. Discover how to think peaceful thoughts and experience a peace beyond understanding.