Denny & Jackie Kenaston

There are probably only a handful of Godly men who have really touched my life, my marriage and my family in a profound way. Denny Kenaston is one of those men.

Back in 1996, a woman mailed 2 tapes to me, tapes she thought would bless me. I drank in every word, listening to the messages over and over again. I was a child care provider with 5 little ones in my care (including 2 of mine). I had a tape player, but no headphones and iPods hadn’t been invented yet.

I found myself stopping the message often, rewinding and starting again, as I fed babies, changed diapers and did the dishes. I had to understand and really apply the messages to my life, and though I didn’t have the quiet time to really study them, I was determined and made a way in the midst of very busy days. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

One of the messages was called The Hidden Woman. I listened day after day after day, until that message was engrained in my heart. I wanted to learn more, I NEEDED to learn more, so my search for the church where this speaker ministered began. There was no address, no church name, no phone number on the tape. Just a name, and back then I didn’t have internet access. I truly didn’t know how to find this speaker so I could learn more.

Then one day I took the tapes to my best friend, Louanne, and told her that these had blessed me so much, and she had to listen to them. As soon as she saw the name “Denny Kenaston” on the tapes, she said, “I know this man, we went to his church in Pennsylvania.” Now, she and I both lived in California, so had she not known of him, it would have been pretty near impossible that I would have found him. But God orchestrated everything so that I could find more of Denny’s teachings (He has orchestrated many “little miracles” and answers to prayer in my life).

Louanne actually had many of his tape sets on her bookcase, and she loaned them to me. I listened to them all. She introduced me to Charity Gospel Tape Ministries and I eagerly ordered and listened to many more messages from Denny and other speakers. I even ordered a message in their catalog by Zac Poonen. That was the first time I learned heard Zac speak and I have since listened to more than 400 of his messages. But Denny’s messages on the Godly Home had a huge influence on how I would raise my children and the wife I should be to my husband. Now, it is my pleasure to introduce this Godly man and his sweet family to you.

Denny, and his sweet wife, Jackie, were saved in 1972 out of the “hippy culture”. The Lord Jesus delivered them from drugs, drinking and many other things that go along with that lifestyle.

The Denny Kenaston Family

They raised their eight children in the rural setting of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where Denny served as an elder at Charity Christian Fellowship. But in April of 2012, Denny was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

It has actually been years since I have been to Charity’s website, but on May 31st, I was prompted to search for a particular message from Denny, and my search brought up their website. When I learned of Denny’s condition, I contacted Zac Poonen because I knew that he knew Denny. However I didn’t know how often they had been in contact or if he was aware of Denny’s Diagnosis So I decided to send an email to the Zac letting him know of the update I had read on the Kenaston’s website.

I received an immediate response from his lovely wife, Annie, letting me know they were aware of the cancer and that Zac had spoken with Denny on the phone and encouraged him a while back.

Since learning of Denny’s cancer, I have followed their updates and been so blessed in the process. Denny went to his glorious heavenly home on July 4th, yet his precious wife and children continue to post updates.

I’m going to post a little segment from one of those posts and then link over to their blog so that you can read the rest if you’d like to. I have been so blessed by reading all of the updates this family has so graciously shared with the world.

Joy and Pain by Elizabeth Kenaston Weaver

“It was two weeks ago today, that my father passed away…

The past two weeks have gone by in a blur and I’ll admit it’s a little scary to slow down enough to discover what I actually feel like inside. Motherhood gives little time for such luxuries, but that wonderful husband of mine sent me town tonight for this delicious quiet. I was afraid I’d cry too much for a public place (and I was right) but the van has proved to be a very suitable haven of rest. It will probably take a lot longer than I’d guessed to work through the past four intense, fast-paced months, but at least the process has begun….

The bitter-sweetness of these recent months really cannot be put into words. The whole cancer ordeal seemed so awful at first, so unbelievable, that… (read more of Elizabeth’s “Joy and Pain” post here)

Under that post is another published by Jackie, Denny’s precious wife called Denny Used To Always Emphasize “Balance”. She shares what her birthday was like (the first without her husband) and there’s an amazing surprise at the end. But don’t skip to the end, read the whole post. You can even go back and read through some of the journal entries that were shared during Denny’s last weeks. It was absolutely amazing and touching to read. I was very blessed and I want to share this gift with you.